If you are the kind of guy who likes to keep a little stubble or a very short beard all the time, then you know it can be difficult. Your hair grows so quickly and using a regular shaver on it just won’t work. However, when you have the Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor PRO in your hands, you’ll be able to get that perfect style you’ve been wanting.

What Is the Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor PRO?

This is an electric shaver that lets you use computer controls to set the trim lengths. You can vary your lengths in millimeters, which means that you will get exactly the same cut every time. You can also do this without changing heads, which makes it a lot easier to use than other products. The Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor PRO has a quick charge battery so you can charge it enough just to use it, or you can plug it in overnight and have it fully charged for a long trip.

How Does It Work?

One feature that is unique to the Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor PRO is that it has a “power burst” button for when you are cutting through longer hair or very coarse and thick hair. This is especially important if you using this for other parts of your body. It also has a “whisker belly” that traps most of the hair that you cut off, without making a huge mess in your bathroom.

There is an onboard LCD screen that will show you just how close you are getting and the power burst button is on the handle for when you need that extra bit of power. The length adjustment can be moved from .03mm (a very close stubble) to 5mm (for a longer beard).

What Are People Saying About the Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor PRO?

When you read the reviews for the Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor PRO, one thing that you will see mentioned is that although it takes an initial 16-hour charge to fully charge this battery, after that you only have to charge a few hours at a time to top it up. This makes it an ideal shaver to take on trips or keep in your car.

“What is great is the trap on the front catches about 95% of flying hairs, so it is a lot cleaner than other models on the market. I love the turbo boost!”
–       Scott, Amazon.com

“This has a lot of useful features and I have found this to be a very high-quality product. It cuts smoothly and does a great job on the hair on the back of your neck.”
–       Peter, Amazon.com

Where Should You Buy It?

It can be difficult to find the entire line of Mangroomer products in some stores, yet you will find this product online and at a very good price. Not only can you get it cheaper online than in stores, but when you buy it with the Mangroomer Groomer and Back Hair Shaver, you will get a great deal on the set.

Is This the Right Product For You?

The Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor PRO is ideal for any guy who likes to keep his beard in check, the hair on the back of his neck short, and various body hair tightly groomed, too. The fact that this trimmer is able to catch much of the hair that you are cutting is a huge plus and will enable you to do your trimming without making a huge mess in the bathroom. This is a high-quality shaver that you’ll enjoy using for years to come. You can find even more deals on other trimmers here style=.