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Stubble Trimmers

A little stubble never hurt anyone, or has it? There are a good amount of men who can pull off that sexy stubble. Sometimes stubble and beards seem to go hand in hand but some women like to see are men with some well taken care of scruff instead of a beard men, in those instances, you should really consider a stubble trimmer. We’re seeing more and more actors and athletes with stubble. The key to achieving the  perfect stubble is having the proper tools.

There is such a thing as too little stubble, which can have the opposite effect you need. You should have balance when it comes to having fashionable stubble.

One star that always pulls off amazing stubble is David Beckham. Whether he’s posing for Ralph Lauren or staring in a cellphone provider commercial, he always seems to pull off that magical amount of stubble women are looking for .

If you want this sleek and well-balanced look, again, you need a nice trimmer. You can buy a stubble trimmer almost anywhere but the best prices are really online. We’ve gone ahead and rated some fo the best trimmers and shavers for you, you simply need to find one that has all the functionality you’re looking for in a personal grooming device. Find great deals on even more stubble and beard trimmers here style=.

Celebrity Stubble | Designer Stubble

There’s a fine line between sexy and homeless when it comes to Hollywood stubble. Some celebrities can pull it off while others wish they never tried.

One man that can definitely pull off the scruff is The Hangover‘s, Bradley Cooper. In fact, he sports the five o’clock shadow more often than not. Whether he has just woken up from a night he wishes he remembers or walking down the red carpet, Cooper looks hot with that stubble. He gets a thumbs up.



Twilight‘s Rob Pattinson is another man who can rock the scruff. His stubble brings a sexy bad boy appeal to his glittery vampire persona. While his rolled out of bed look probably took hours of careful consideration, this Brit gets a thumbs up for his sexy stubble. This next celebrity works stubble like no other.


Former Sexiest Man Alive, Hugh Jackman has been called the King of Stubble and with good reason. No one can pull off the Wolverine mutton chops or Van Helsing scruff like Hugh Jackman. In fact, it is pretty safe to say no one else can pull off mutton chops period. While he is almost equally attractive clean-shaven, Jackman looks sexier with a little fuzz. Double thumbs up for Wolverine.



While the above celebrities definitely pull off some stubble on their face, not all male actors can do it. There have been many celebrity stubble faux pas over the years and one such victim is the Silver Fox himself, George Clooney. This debonair bachelor has remained sexy well into his fifties but tends to look like a haggard, creepy, old man when he forgets to shave. Those silver whiskers do nothing but age him. Thumbs down for old man-scruff.


Another celebrity that should never keep his stubble is George Clooney’s fellow Rat Pack member Brad Pitt. Named People’s Sexiest Man Alive twice, Pitt has been known to occasionally rock the stubble. In the past, he has managed to pull it off but in recent years, he has looked more homeless than A-list. In addition, the scruff ages him beyond his BFF George Clooney. Sorry Brad Pitt, you’ll always be one of the sexiest men alive but you get the thumbs down for stubble.

So gentleman, when deciding whether to shave or not, look to these fine examples. Chances are, though, you are much safer shaving than taking a chance on looking homeless.



Using Stubble Trimmers For Men

Using Stubble Trimmers For Men

Using stubble trimmers for men is definitely something that any guy can do. It doesn’t matter if you keep a beard, shave every day, or just need to keep yourself fresh-looking in between waking up and going to bed. Stubble trimmers for men can help just about any guy look good all day long.

For the guys who need to shave every day, this can be a great tool to help keep the stubble down and save you time. Sometimes, you don’t have the time to shave before you leave the house, but you can shave down the stubble a bit to a nice rugged look.

The guy who prefers the disheveled look can use the stubble trimmer exclusively because it only trims down the facial hair to leave that cool rugged look behind. This is actually more convenient than attempting to very carefully shave with a regular or electric razor.

For the guy who is constantly on the go, the stubble trimmer is the perfect travel accessory. You might be giving a presentation or attending multiple meetings throughout the day. This means  you have to freshen up to look your best for clients, coworkers, or your boss. This is where a stubble trimmer can come in quite handy. It can be carried in your briefcase for easy access, and it takes care of the five o’clock shadow you’ve built up during the day.

The functionality of the device  is very useful for you to keep a beard or sideburns as well. Instead of having to use a regular razor to carefully cut away at the edges of your sideburns or a beard, the stubble trimmer can quickly and easily take care of the trimming that needs to be done. Moreover, since the device is made for use in small doses, it can easily replace a nose-hair trimmer or your current beard trimmer too.

When the guy on the go is looking for a way to take off his beard or stubble without much trouble, a portable stubble trimmer in the way to do it. It can be packed away in your desk or briefcase for easy use. Plus, it can also keep you looking fresh for every new business meeting you have.

Top Christmas Stubble Trimmers

The hottest item this Christmas for the man in your life is definitely a stubble trimmer. No doubt stubble is the hottest man’s trend right now, sported by stars from George Clooney to Braid Pitt. However, just allowing your facial hair to grow unrestrained results in a grungy and rough look, that is often unappealing. To achieve that perfect stubble look like the stars, be sure to get one of these top Christmas stubble trimmers.

Top Christmas Trimmers

1) Remington has just released a product that will revolutionize the way men groom their stubble from here on out. Their Touch Control Stubble Facial Trimmer is definitely one of the top stubble trimmers available this season. Using innovative technology this handy tool allows the user to choose the exact length they want their stubble clipped. With over 170 different settings, the man in your life can choose almost any length from .4mm all the way up to 18mm on the unique LCD touch screen.

However, the main feature that makes this little groomer the hottest item of the holidays is the ability to hook it up to a USB port to charge it. Your phone charger, laptop, or even your MP3 charger can all power this handy little tool, and even off the charger, it has over 40 minutes of use.

2) Another hot item is from Philips Norelco, a trusted brand in grooming. Their QT4022 Stubble Trimmer is competitively priced and a quality trimmer. It follows the contours of your face for a precise and even trim across the board. Easy to maintenance this trimmer has self-sharpening blades and never needs any lubrication oil so that you have a sharp and perfect trim each and every time.

3) The Gmt900 Istubble Facial Trimmer is one of the best-priced trimmers for those on a budget, though do not be fooled by its price. Coming from Conair, this is definitely a quality trimmer. With a dual battery and ergonomic handle design, this trimmer is both efficient and comfortable.

4) Last on your special man’s trimmer wishlist is the BaByliss 7890U i-stubble trimmer. A European manufacturer, this trimmer is definitely top of the line, yet affordable. It’s floating head allows the shaver perfect exactitude as it curves to fit your face. To prove this trimmer’s quality, the company backs it with a three-year guarantee.

Nice, well-kept, groomed stubble is always an attractive look. However, it is only attractive if it is done correctly, and for that, you need one of these five Christmas stubble trimmers. Matthew Fox from Lost sports this look, and with these perfect Christmas gifts so can you. It’s a great item found under the tree, useful and needed every day, a trimmer is a great idea for that special person.